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IV8888 - Meltdown: AK - Patch

IV8888 - Meltdown: AK - Patch


Inspired by our favorite weapon torture test videos on the IV8888 YouTube Channel, we've turned up the heat and fired up a custom patch!

There are a lot of 'gun reviewers' out there in YouTube land, but there aren't many who have the ammo and the balls to shoot blistering full auto rifles continuously until the point of failure. Like in the Ultimate AK Meltdown video, a Vepr AK goes thru mag after mag until the wood furniture catches ablaze, rounds begin to cook off in the chamber, and the barrel even starts to droop! You can own a piece of internet firearms history with this AK Meltdown Patch!

Approximately 4"x 3.25" and made from High Quality PVC vinyl. Free Shipping!

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