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Action Hero Patch Drop

Action Hero Patch Drop



Action movies are either good in a bay way, or bad in a good way. Celebrate one of the greatest action flicks of the 90's with these PVC Patch!

Bonneville Blastin
When you're in a high speed chase gunfight, nothing beats the freedom and range of motion that a convertible offers. Put the top down and let the lead fly with this classic!

Blazin Babe
When you put a Blonde behind the wheel of a lifted truck, theres not much that can stop her! Put it in 4x4 with this offroad beauty!

Stylish Assassin
The most proficient assassins know practice and reliable equipment are key. There's nothing more reliable and accurate that a custom revolver!

Baddie Eyeballs
It takes a good eye to be a professional sharp shooter. In fact, it's not a bad idea to bring a few spares depending on your outfit and the occasion!

Golden Ticket
You need a ticket to see the movie! This ticket has something special about it, you can almost feel the magic within it!

Torn Golden Ticket
A ticket stub proves you paid for the movie, but still gets you back in after a bathroom or snack break!

Limited Run - ONLY 100 Made of Each

Includes Number Collectors Card!

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