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Summertime Brew Beer Themed - Morale Patches (Discontinued)

Summertime Brew Beer Themed - Morale Patches (Discontinued)

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Everyone has a different favorite taste when it comes to summertime refreshment. Early this summer we released the Pistola and SBR patches, and now we have created 3 more patches dedicated to our favorite adult beverages.

SBR: SBR's are as American as apple pie and family barbeques.  Brewed with a combination of aircraft-grade aluminums and chrome moly steel, SBR is only stored in barrels under 16 inches long due to antiquated federal regulations. Often fermented with cosmoline or Hoppes No. 9, our unique storage and maturation process results in a smooth, full bodied rifle in a small compact package with a fine smokey aroma. Approx 2.75"x2.5"

Pistola Extra: Pistola's refreshing, smooth recoil offers the perfect balance between standard magazine capacity and terminal performance. The aroma is smokey with a touch of citrus and the trigger is crisp and well-balanced. Pistola’s superior handling is due to the fact that our brewers take great care to use only the best gun parts available. Pistola is made with the finest quality blend of reinforced polymers, hot-forged stainless steel, barley, and a cool melonite finish. Approx 3"x2.5"

Tackdriver: A classic American Brew enjoyed from coast to coast both indoors and out in the wilderness, the "King Of Bullets" is precisely engineered for potency and consistency. Approx 3"x2"

Deerslayer: A modern take on a timeless classic, this brew is the perfect reward for a hard day's work out in the field. It's a trophy in and of itself. Approx 1.5"x4"

Handcannon: Some prefer a bold, simple take on life. Less complexity means more reliability, and the potential for a stronger kick! Approx 3"x3"

Don't let summer pass without them! Made from High Quality PVC vinyl. Free Shipping!

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