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Patch of the Month Club - January 2021 - Auto Renew

Patch of the Month Club - January 2021 - Auto Renew


Limited Run! Only Available via Patch of the Month Club!

What Now 2021

PVC Patch & Sticker
Man, 2020 was packed with so many different disasters, it was really hard to keep track of them all. And just when you thought one was over... BOOM the news would tell you to about another crisis to start worrying about. While we hope 2021 is better, lets face it, the odds aren't great. So why not have some fun with it and take a spin on the What Now? 2021 Slot Machine. Will you be lucky and get Murder Hornets, the Rona, Peaceful Protests, or maybe something complete new and unprecedented?! The options are limitless with this high quality PVC patch with hook 'n loop backing.

 POTM members get the POTM, a vinyl sticker version as well as a limited edition Artist's Series Concept Print of the Patch of the Month Club.

Subscribers get 1 Exclusive Patch, 1 Vinyl Sticker, and 1 Concept Art Print! 

Cannot be purchased anywhere else! 

NOTE: POTM Club is not eligible for discount codes or gift cards.

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