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Patch of the Month Club - Auto Renew

Patch of the Month Club - Auto Renew


October 2023 Exclusive 

Limited Run! Only Available via Patch of the Month Club!

Nobody Takin' Me ARRR-15

PVC Patch & Sticker

What will you dress up as for Halloween? With the rise of unjust, tyrannical politicians becoming wealthier as the commoners resort to thievery and rioting... we're thinking of raising the black flag with our crew of merry misfits. When the empire accusses you of being a deplorable and attempts to regulate your rights away, becoming an outlaw is the only natural choice. We must defend our rights and our rightful property with a pirate's best friend, their ARRR-15. Protect your booty with this high quality PVC patch with hook 'n loop backing.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! POTM members get the POTM, a vinyl sticker version as well as a limited edition Artist's Series Concept Print of the Patch of the Month Club.

Cannot be purchased anywhere else! 

NOTE: POTM Club is not eligible for discount codes or gift cards.

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