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Patch of the Month Club - July 2019 - Auto Renew

Patch of the Month Club - July 2019 - Auto Renew


Limited Run! Only Available via Patch of the Month Club!

She's the icon of freedom to her countrymen. She's the symbol of opportunity to those seeking prosperity. She's the beacon of hope to our allies around the globe.

You might know her as Lady Liberty, but to the enemies of the Republic, she is only known as Libertas. And she's not putting up with any of this commie bullcrap any longer.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! POTM members get a vinyl sticker version of the Patch of the Month design as well as a limited edition Artist's Series Concept Print!

Subscribers get 1 Exclusive Patch, 1 Vinyl Sticker, and 1 Concept Art Print! 

Cannot be purchased anywhere else! 

POTM Club is not eligible for PPC discount codes. 

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