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Patch of the Month Club - July 2019 - Auto Renew

Patch of the Month Club - July 2019 - Auto Renew


Limited Run! Only Available via Patch of the Month Club!

Let us remember the reason of the season this July... and its not hotdogs, burnt thumbs or making your neighborhood sound like a reenactment of the Battle of the Bulge.

The reason we celebrate the 4th is liberty. Liberty that our ancestors fought for and claimed from a larger oppressing enemy. Armed with primitive black powder firearms and basic farm tools, they rose up and stood against the largest power in the world at that time... all so they could live free and prosper as Americans. The tree of liberty was watered then, but it grows thirsty today. Show some American pride with this PVC morale patch manufactured with hook 'n loop backing.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! POTM members get a vinyl sticker version of the Patch of the Month design as well as a limited edition Artist's Series Concept Print!

Subscribers get 1 Exclusive Patch, 1 Vinyl Sticker, and 1 Concept Art Print! 

Cannot be purchased anywhere else! 

POTM Club is not eligible for PPC discount codes. 

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