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Wolverines! AK-47 Sign - Aluminum Sign

Wolverines! AK-47 Sign - Aluminum Sign

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Once upon a time, communists parachuted from the sky and took over a small rural town. When all was thought lost, a clandestine group of local youths resisted against the occupying force. These brave young patriots' battlecry can still be heard today.... WOLVERINES! Don't let Western propaganda fool you, the AK is not just a tool for oppression. It can also be the key to freeing the oppressed. Just like any rifle, AK is neither good or evil. The power to overturn oppressors lies within the hand that wields it. Perfect for tacking up at the shooting range, gun store, or your field camp in the mountains where you and your friends stage a resistance!

  • 12" W x 8" H
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Holes drilled in the 4 corners for hanging
  • UV coated
  • Glossy finish

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